The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear

To Bend the Bow

Thorr's Journal Entry 23

Our latest adventure began in the Forest of Mirkwood at the Hunt for the Wild Heart Stag. As expected, a dwarf should not be in the woods, riding a horse and trying to use a bow. My first act was to fall from the foul beast and get myself lost in the woods. We lost sight of Ruithel and the rest of the hunting party.

Unbeknownst to us, my dwarf mates of the past had been delving under the Mirkwood Forest looking for paths into the Grey Delve. They captured Ruiithel and Elabrimborn to hold them ransom. The Bow of Pendragal has a steep history with Frar and cast Ruithel in great danger. Fortunately, we were able to rescue them and talk my old friends into releasing them. We committed ourselves to try and gain the assistance of Thranduil and my King Dain to help them take back the Grey Delve.

Although we didn’t get the commitment of King Dain and Thranduil at this time, they were open to assist in the future. Our only hope is to secure Erebor from the shadows that lurk and then gain King Dain’s support. With the support from King Dain, we would also receive the support of Thranduil. I was able to win some support from King Dain by his allowing me to seek volunteers to help support Frar and his comrades. At least with a few volunteers, Frar’s comrades were appeased and should leave the elves of Mirkwood alone.

I will say that it was a great turn of the King heart as he is finally warming up to me. His grace showed his first concern for my welfare and his daughter’s happiness when I spoke of returning to seek the Grey Delve. I also was bestowed the title of being the Ambassador to the Elves on the behalf of our Kingdom.

I now can only hope that my next adventure across the seas will allow us all to return to our loved ones and to help all the good people of Middle Earth.


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